DOPET revamps IT landscape with iHorizons


    Challenge Doha Construction Petroleum Company (DOPET), a leading name in Construction, Architecture, Engineering, and related services industries in Qatar, driven by a strong commitment to fast track its digital transformation, wanted to drive efficiencies, streamline reporting, and optimize processes across the organization. As a large enterprise with countless sources of data, over 5000 employees, multiple processes spread across various teams - a robust platform to enable innovation, along with building a single source of truth was the need of the hour. On this quest, DOPET chose iHorizons as its digital transformation partner with a mission to deliver an end-to-end, modern, agile, and secure IT landscape due to its industrial expertise, vast experience, and unparalleled customer service in this space. Tasked with the complete transformation of DOPET’s technology landscape to drive efficiencies, the consultants from iHorizons dove right into analyzing the business, scoping the right fit for their technology needs and laying out a plan for implementation and maintenance.


    Solution After a thorough evaluation of the business, processes and technology needs by iHorizons, it was decided to opt for and implement SAP’s state –of- the-art flagship ERP platform, S/4HANA to streamline and enhance operations, resource allocation and reporting, hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud for optimal performance, cost effectiveness and agility. A power-house technology mix from SAP and Microsoft, coupled with iHorizons expertise and ability to implement and develop these systems soon proved to be a winning combination. Through this initiative, DOPET has been able to deploy the best-in- class features for its business operations platform, experienced simplified processes and gained access to intelligent reporting and analytics. Leveraging SAP S/4 HANA on Azure with iHorizons’, DOPET’s team members are now able to optimize their day-to-day operations with accurate and quick managerial reporting by building a single source of truth and can support seamless, efficient flow of information and knowledge sharing. The built-in capabilities of its innovative technology landscape have provided optimization and better control of finance and accounting; production cost; pricing and profitability as well as improved infrastructure flexibility and security across the organization.

    Business Impact
    Real Time Analytics and Reporting
    Streamlined Operations
    Increased Efficiencies
    Better Decision Making
    Streamlined Pricing and Profitablity
    Enhanced IT Infrastructure Security
    Integrated ERP Platform
    Robust Cloud Architecture
    SAP S/4HANA ERP Platform
    Microsoft Azure
    Revamped IT Infrastructure
    Dedicated Support Team
    Integrated Analytics and Reports
    Customer Testimonial

    "The team from iHorizons has been instrumental in shaping a successful digital roadmap for us. Their expertise in business transformation, SAP implementation and cloud technology have made our lives much easier and helped us in our mission of becoming a truly intelligent enterprise."

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