User Experience

    With user experience being the core of successful digital transformations, we design seamless experiences across all channels, including mobile apps, the web, and eShops

    Our company delivers complete UX services: User Research and Analysis, Experience Architecture (Information architecture and Interaction Design), Online Branding & Visual Design, and Front end accessible Development

    Our UX Process User Research and Analysis Ensuring your user requirements are met is very critical for your product or website success. Our research methods will quickly uncover what your users actually need. Remember, what users say they want, and what they actually want are mostly different things. We use methods like card-sorts, questionnaires, surveys, and ethnographic techniques to uncover unspoken user needs. We also use usability testing to validate against set business goals and usability metrics. Deliverables - User Research Study Report - Card sort to guide information architecture - Personas - Usability test report Information Architecture Information Architecture is the art and science of categorizing information of your product or website in a way that is understood easily by users. Research techniques like card sorts are used to define classification of content categories easily to be understandable by end users. Interaction Design, we use best practices gained from years of research and interaction with the industry to come up with interaction design patterns that are usable, innovative, and help users achieve their goals. Deliverables - Sitemap - Wireframes - Taxonomies - Labeling schemas - Controlled vocabularies - Interaction Patterns - Prototypes Visual & Interface Design Visual design is used to artistically design a site, product, or App. Elements of the interface are carefully designed to create an aesthetic product without compromising the usability. Effective use of whitespace, and using distinct elements with proper affordances are used to guide the user on the function. A successful visual design does not take away from the content on the page or function. Instead, it enhances it by engaging users and helping to build trust and interest in the website of the product. Deliverables - Visual Design Mockups - Microsites - Ad- Banners - Style Guides Front end and accessible development Standards-based and accessible code goes a long way to ensure that the end product is usable and behaves as intended. We have strong expertise is w3c standards. Deliverables - Interactive prototypes - Front end accessible code - Interactive Animations